Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 3, 2006

My plans... 16.03.2006

Mkay.. Stepping away from the all to boring Muhammed caricature discussion.. Let`s talk about something more interesting..
ME! :p

I bought a flat a few years ago, which I have redecorated, and fixed up pretty good..
But now I`m getting all to tired of living in the same boring place, with the same stuff happening to me everyday.. New stuff never happens before, and I have a crawing for something new and exciting..
I`m currently working at a hotel as a receptionist, and as a decorator for a known gaming company.. But the hotel job is driving me insane because nothing new ever happens there anymore.. I want something new, exciting and extraordinary happening with me, and around me!

I have a dream... (heard it before? :p )
I want to finish up my flat, so it looks perfect.. Then sell the shit, use the money to pay off all debt and loans and use my remaining money to move..
I want to move to Spain, where the wine is sweet, and the life is sweeter!
The first thing I want to do is find myself a cheap nice little flat, preferrably in Barcelona, but if not there is a great Norwegian community in a town called Alfaz Del Pi, but do I really want to move to Spain, to live with Norwegians?

I want to take several intensive Spanish courses, so I will be able to understand and speak Spanish better than I do now, then find myself a job.. Preferrably with something I can work from home with, maybe write a book? Who knows.. After all, this is my dream, and why not?
I`ve been around the world, experienced a lot, and love to criticize both people, government, and just about everything I see that annoys me..
So maybe I would be a good critic of the world..

Anyways.. I wanna move.. Away from the boring country of Norway.. Where nothing ever happens except for higher taxes, fees and fines..

I`ve had this plan before, but I got myself a girlfriend, and everyone knows how this can cloud your mind..
All I need is to just put my mind to it, and it will happen... JUST FUCKING DO IT!

So... Where to start? Well.. for now, do as much as I can in my apartment, stop being lazy and then maybe I can get somewhere in life.. I am going nowhere fast if I keep up the way I`ve been doing lately..

Let`s just see what life brings.. Why wait for life to come to you, when you can come to life?


Let`s see now.. after the summer.. how far I`ve come...

Cross your fingers for me, guys!