Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 9, 2007

The Mexican Independence day!

Saturday we celebrated the Mexican independence day!
This was done by partying like maniacs, making lots of noise and painting the Mexican colours on our faces! Woohoow!

Here the garbagetruck arriving in all its glory! :)
At Cuba Mia
We met these happy and probably drunk Mexicans on our way to Che Bar, where there was a concert and lots and lots of people!
Me and Heidi making a ruckus with our horns!
The horny bunch!
Heidi with one of her Mexican boys! He was preeeeetty drunk!
Here we are at Cuba Mia! Met some more of Heidi`s fitness friends.. VIVA MEXICO!
Lots of people in the streets!

Merethe and her balloons!
Heidi and her Corona :D
Heidi and Merethe

Trip to El Pipila

We took a trip to one of Guanajuato`s famous tourist sites, the El Pipila statue which overlooks Guanajuato.
El Pipila is a known independence fighter in Mexico, and was known for teaching the Mexicans who were under siege by the Spaniards crafts, reading, writing and fighting for whats important!
When there was an uprising against the Spaniards, The Spaniards took shelter in Alhòndiga, a fortress, while waiting for more troops. The only way for the Mexicans to enter the fortress was by burning one of the two doors there, but this was very dangerous. Bullets and arrows killed a lot of men trying to do this. When the rebels were asked if someone would try this again, nobody said yes, until Pipila stood up among the people, and used a stone plate on his back as armour.
He succeeded and was able to burn the doors down.
The monument shows Pipila with a torch and at the base of the statue the words "...there are still other Alhóndigas left to burn" are written.

There are three ways to get to the top, walking, driving a huge detour and using the funicular, a cablecart.
We chose to walk, to Merethe`s regret.. It was a 10-15 minute walk, but up steep and narrow alleys!

Here she is walking up the alleys that lead to the top!
The view halfway to the top
Merethe taking a breather on the way
Still walking! :)
Finally she`s there! She has to work on her stamina I think! hehe.. Totally exhausted!

El Pipila in its splendour!

The view from the top is incredible! You can see all of Guanajuato and probably some more than that too! Lots of pictures of the view underneath here!

On the top there are tons of natives selling homemade bracelets, jewelry, nicknacks and other stuff you probably don`t need!

Enjoying the view! :)

The square trees is the main tourist area in Guanajuato. It`s in front of a beautiful church, and there are restaurants with expensive tourist prices all around the trees.
In the evening there are usually hundred of people just enjoying themselves, listening to the Mariachis, or dancing here. Very nice!

The Back of El Pipila

A pigeon enjoying the view

Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 9, 2007

Lots of new stuff on World Travelblog!

I have now updated the blog with a gallery, so if you take a look beneath the counter you will find lots of galleries from Mexico and my other journeys!
There will be a HUGE update when I get the time, and I will post images and stories from my other travels around the world!

In my galleries I now have pictures from Denmark, France, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Norway, Thailand and probably some more countries I forgot!

If you find any links not working, please tell me so I can fix it! :)

Once again, feel free to comment as this helps improve the blog!

All pictures are copyrighted and are not allowed to be used without my permission!

Thứ Bảy, 8 tháng 9, 2007

Whoa! That's a lot of pictures!

The sun is shining once again in Guanajuato!

So now we have been able to enjoy our roof some more! :)
Hopefully our high tech rain protection device that our landlord, Uncle Freddy installed will hold the rain out of our flat! :p

High tech stuff!

We are still looking for other alternatives regarding an apartment, but for now its ok while the sun is shining!

The local buses are everywhere!
A funny wall I just had to have a picture of! :)

The Mexican independence day is coming up, and those lazy Mexicans are already starting
to hang the decorations up.. I don't believe they like stressing with anything.. Always do things so they have plenty of time! :) But it`s nice! People are already starting to get into the partymood and we are looking forward to partying as crazy when the day finally arrives!

How do you get people to not touch something very lethal?
Easy! Just post a skull near the power towers, and nobody will be stupid enough to touch anything nearby.. The wires stick out like there's no tomorrow, so I try avoiding these towers as much as I can.. Damn! :p

Here you can see the result of me and Heidi eating at the restaurant.. Both of us are done eating, and you can only guess which one is mine and which is Heidi's (hint: the empty one's Heidi's! )

Me waiting for the girls.. They stop and flirt with every Mexican they can see! Hehe..
But hey.. Life is good! :D

The guy on the picture here owns half of Guanajuato, but is a man of respect! He works on "ground level" with the regular guys, carrying stuff around, doing dishes, helping out.. Even though he has enough dough to just put his feet up and enjoy himself!
I think he's a role model for all wealthy people!
Keep up the good work!

As i got tired of my "dull" hair colour, I dyed it black as the night!
The next day someone asked me if I was feeling ill, since I looked so pale.. hehe.. This only means MORE TIME ON OUR ROOF! I need to get some colour on my pale body! :D

Here we are on our night out with two of our classmates, Gene and Mike from the States! We had a great time, Gene brought his wife and Mike his family! A fun bunch!
These creepy narrow alleys can hide some real gems!
We went in and found a really nice restaurant hidden away here!
Nice, eh?
Here we are inside the hidden restaurant
Mike, Merethe, Daniel and part of Mike's son.
Notice the hands? hehe!
Oh! Nora, Mike's daughter took this picture! She'll be a good photographer one day! :)

This is me on one of our favorite restaurants, Cafè Santo!
Great food! Great prices! Great service! :)

Me in front of my computer..
I've spent a couple of hours in front of "my only friend" much to Merethes dislike! :p

PhunkyPhreak walking down the stairs!

These dogs bark at about everything they see.. Really nice place for them to get some air without running away.. Even though they looked like they were going to jump on a tall truck driving underneath.. VIVA MEXICO! Lazy people! :p

This is just a bragging photo so Gene can see what kind of swords, axes and knives I have back home.. :)
The rod looking thing in the middle of the two axes turn in to two swords when you "open" it :)
Sai knives, Pirate dagger, Viking axes and some more daggers :)