Thứ Sáu, 3 tháng 2, 2006

Pictures of a "god"

Who the hell do the Muslim activists think they are?

Now we have played along with their stuff for a while, and given them lots of freedoms in the western world they usually wouldn`t get at home.In my town, the hospital even removed a picture of a pig from one of the children`s playrooms because the muslims didn`t think it was "pure" enough.
We have given them the right to express their religious beliefs, through speakers on top of their buildings, even let them live in our countries after they have done something illegal, in the forms of rape, violence, and robbery..

Norway, which is the country I live in, is a Christian country, look at our flag! It has a CROSS in it.. And we still let you carry on with your things without too much fuss about it.. Simply because we want to show that we are a country of RESPECT, and that we want to show our new inhabitants that we all can be friends event though we have religious differences..

I am not a christian myself, and do not care much about any religion.. But I still show religious people some respect, as their beliefs are theirs, and whatever choice a human prefers too have, is THEIR choice!
Where am I going with this?
Well.. As you propably heard, muslim activists are going haywire because some Danish newspaper posted some ironic pictures of a god named Muhammed.. And in our countries, we have something quite extraordinary.. People are actually allowed to say what they feel, mean, and think.. They are even allowed to make drawings, pictures and whatever they feel, and spread them to the people around the world.. WITHOUT being killed, molested, violently abused or sent to prison for years and years..I know this must sound far-fetched for the muslim people, but the world is actually evolving..

We(most of us, anyway) are past that part where we bash somebodys head in, just because we feel they have wronged us.. We come up with arguments, why we think they should do different, and if they don`t listen to your arguments, we agree to disagree!

Is this even possible you ask? YES! Even though America, and most muslim countries havent heard of this, we try to spread the news to them.. And actually show them, that in our newspapers, on the net, tv, and radio we are allowed to criticize our leaders, our big companies, peoples religion and each other, without any other trouble than getting arguments in return.
In Norway, we don`t kill our wives if they want to have a divorce, or if they find a non Norwegian to marry or be a couple with.
Our honour is in ourselves, and is not reflected by what other people do to us!
I guess you get what I am saying here?

Now WHY THE HELL do the muslim people now threaten the Norwegian and Danish population? They say they are going to blow stuff up in our countries because of our free world? They want to kill Norwegians and Danish, and even kidnap us!
All this because of some stupid drawings? Grow UP! Look around! Are you really that dumb? If you want to go crusading for your god, you are not doing a good job! The only thing you are showing us, in the modern world is that our general beliefs about muslim people are correct..
You rape, pillage, blow up, murder, molest, torture, and force people to do what the Koran says, even if it`s against their will. You force women to be in their homes, and not get an education, so they can`t argument against you if they feel like it. I could propably go on and on about this, but it`s no point..

Now why on earth do you carry on like this? Can`t you see that there are different ways of seeing things.. For some people, black is black, and white is white.. but i`d like a world where there are a whole lot of different kinds of greys, and a lot of colour!
Is this so hard to do? Are the muslim people so brainwashed that they still want to live like animals?

I am ofcourse not saying that all muslims are like this, but can you tell the difference between an arabian who wants no harm, and an arabian that wants to blow up the buss you are on, because of some different beliefs?
I will not even start on how this will damage tourism and business in our countries!

Do you still want to live in poverty? Let`s make a deal? I`m gonna stay the hell away from your country if you stay away from mine?

When you are trying to force your will on us, we feel threatened by you.. And that is no way to make a peaceful and understanding world work.You can`t force our freedom of speach to be silenced.. That is what we live and breathe for... And you will never win this battle..
Our right to say what we mean is more holy than any god!
Nobody will force us to be silent!

I will now post a picture of Muhammed like I see him!

(A cool dude which propably never ever wanted people dying in his name)
Are you going to kill me next....?

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