Thứ Hai, 12 tháng 3, 2007

Guanajuato, Mexico?

Hey folks!
Well.. Now I have some good plans!

Since my moving to spain plan still has`nt fallen through, I figured It would be good if I knew the language and was able to communicate properly.. I was thinking about taking some spanish courses in Kristiansand, but I think it`s kinda lame to learn spanish, and hardly ever get to talk and communicate with people in the area.. So why not move to a spanish speaking country, that`s cheaper than Spain.. :D

So when a friend of mine, Heidi said I should come visit her studytown in Guanajuato, Mexico, I thought it sounded like paradise!

She explained this was a town about the same size as Kristiansand (80 000 people ca)

So now I have to wait for an operation, get well, finish work (quit), buy tickets, and pack! :p Oh.. And maybe wait for Heidi to get home from Mexico, and then tag along when she travels back! :)

I`m guessing that in the beginning of August, I will be ready! Maybe I can save up some money while I`m waiting. I`ll be staying studying Spanish, and then travel as much as possible around the country. Hopefully I`ll be there until at least June, 2008.

Looking forward to travelling, and looking forward to new experiences!
If anyone have any traveltips in Mexico please feel free to mail or comment! :)


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