Chủ Nhật, 15 tháng 6, 2008

Help a fellow traveller!

A friend of mine from Kristiansand, Norway wants to move down to Mexico and join us on Isla Mujeres!

She has heard so much about this incredible island, and wants to experience all it has to offer.

Thereza is her name, and as she describes herself on her profile page on : "I think mahogany, fur and McDonald's are uncool, I have a thing for post it notes and elephant babies, my favorite color is red, and I never wear to of the same socks!"

Who can deny such a person the experience of a lifetime?

She is working hard now in Norway to get the funds for travelling and living the first couple of months before she finds some work. All money she earns will be added in the equation so you can keep posted on how far she has come!

I think it would be a great idea if all of us here on the internetz got together and helped her out, so I have made a donation page on paypal for her!
If you can, please help!

As soon as enough funds are in, she will be leaving the cold summers of Norway to live on our beautiful island, Isla Mujeres, in Mexico.

The necessary amount is 25000 NOK (3,108.735 EUR or 4,769.72 USD) and I will keep you posted on how fast we can reach the amount needed!
Please help with as little or as much as possible! If everybody shares just a little, it would help SO much!

I have started the donation with 50NOK (6.21747 EUR or 9.53944 USD) as I am not a rich guy myself, but anything goes, and this means we only need 24950 NOK (3,102.518 EUR or 4,760.18 USD) to get her to Mexico!

Click here to help Thereza get to Isla Mujeres!
Help us change someones life, wouldn't you have liked it if someone had done this for you?

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