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The idyllic tri-island nation of Grenada is a romantic wedding and honeymoon destination, a place to live out your dream day against a backdrop of swaying palm trees and turquoise blue waters.

A destination wedding on the tropical island of Grenada takes all the stress out of planning a wedding and allows couples to focus on enjoying their special time together. Many hotels, inns and resorts throughout the Island offer special wedding and honeymoon packages which they will customize to fit each couple’s needs.

No two weddings are ever alike, as they are all designed to reflect the individuals getting married. Wedding packages will often include: transportation to and from the Registrar’s Office, ceremony decorations, bridal bouquet and buttonhole for the groom, services of a professional photographer, wedding cake and celebratory champagne.

“We warmly welcome couples to Grenada and are so pleased when they choose to spend their special day with us,” said William Joseph, director of tourism for the Grenada Board of Tourism. “We do everything we can to ensure they have a magical beginning to their marriage.”

Couples are required to arrive at least three days before their wedding and most properties will help with the necessary legal arrangements, (the cost is included in many packages). For information on planning an Island wedding and the legal requirements, visit

How to Get to Grenada from Canada

Grenada can be reached via Air Canada Vacations that operates a seasonal direct flight from Toronto to Grenada (Sunday departure with easy connections from major Canadian gateways available at from December until April. AC operates year round daily flights from Toronto to Barbados (Saturday & Sunday departure from Montreal) with connections on LIAT to Grenada. Caribbean Airlines operate regularly scheduled flights from Toronto to Barbados and Trinidad with connections on LIAT to Grenada. GG Tours operates a seasonal summer charter services from July through to September with a weekly direct flight from Toronto to Grenada, as well as Titan Tours West Jet operates a flight from Toronto to Barbados with connections on LIAT to Grenada year round.

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