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January 11, 2010. (Grenada, W.I.)—Aquanauts Grenada and Lumbadive Carriacou have teamed up to provide dive travellers with a two island experience in a seven day vacation. “In Carriacou, you are surrounded by greenery and native wildlife for an adventurer's vacation above and below the surface. No mass tourism, no industries, no pollution, but sublime diving,” said Richard, owner of Lumbadive Carriacou.

A daily ferry service is convenient for divers, as they do not have to interrupt their dive package for travelling between the two islands. Grenada boasts a great variety of wreck diving and a lush interior. “This seven night Grenadine Dive Experience gives divers the best of both islands with a total of four nights in Grenada and three in Carriacou,” said Peter, owner of Aquanauts Grenada.

 Accommodation partner in Grenada is True Blue Bay Resort, while in Carriacou travellers have the choice between Grand View Inn and Villa Longevue. A typical itinerary starts with three nights and five boat dives in Grenada, on the fourth morning it is time to pack up and enjoy the two hours ferry ride up the west coast of Grenada and past the area of Isle de Rhonde to Carriacou. A transfer will bring the diver to the chosen lodging. The next three days are spent diving “the island of the reefs” – the translation for Carriacou - with Lumbadive. On the last day the afternoon ferry brings guests back to Grenada for one more night at True Blue Bay Resort before the next morning’s departure. Conveniently the resort is only 10 minutes from the airport. A seven night package including 10 boat dives and all transfers starts at US $1350 for the summer period 2011. Customized packages are also available.

From Grenada Board of Tourism

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Posted by Anne Gordon on Tuesday 11th January, 2011

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