Chủ Nhật, 13 tháng 8, 2006

What to do.. What to do...

I have now reached my limits!

The last few weeks I have realized I am not supposed to be in this town anymore..
I feel like I am going insane here! It`s always the same things over and over..
We go out to the same places when it`s weekends, every summer we wait for the local music festival Quart festival to start.. Beetween that and the weather, it`s the main reason people still want to live in Kristiansand.

It`s bearable to live here 2-3 months of the year.. then the rest is either boring autumn, sloppy winter or rainy spring.. :(

Why doesn`t people think differently? Try new ways, and not just go with the flow?

I want to move... I want to sell my apartment, get my profits, pay all outstanding bills, and just leave the country!

I want to go to language classes in Spain, enjoy the good life.. Find myself an easy job.. And maybe start writing something.. Who know what will happen next? And WHO NEEDS to know? Why not just enjoy life as it is, and not worry about the future..

Why not? The worst thing that could happen is that I wount be enjoying myself as much as I thought, and just head back to Norway.. Get a job, and go back to being boring old Daniel..

And then theres the question about women..
These crazy beings from the planet Venus.. Reaking havoc among Men.. Making their decisions tremble and smolder apart.. Where do their part come in all of this?
Have I already been affected, you ask? Well.. Thats for me to find out, and for you not to know.. :p

All I hope is that life will be sweet! And that it will be enjoyable..

Is that to much to ask?


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