Thứ Năm, 7 tháng 9, 2006

It is done!

I have taken the first steps towards a different life!

After a mind altering decision of some sorts.. (not sure what really happened)maybe an overdose of Norway..
This country really gets to me sometimes.. It`s so annoying how this country is controlled in almost every aspect regarding laws, regulations and taxes, but when it comes to the small things in life, the little things that mean so much to people..

Just to clarify my ranting here.. I need to get this out.. Just so i can point to my blog and say "I TOLD YOU SO!" when things start to get heated and people start freaking out...

The things I don`t like about Norway:

Our entire nation is forced to learn 2 "languages" The main language, which everybody speaks,"Norwegian Bokmaal", and an old form of Norwegian dating waaay back.. Which is ironically enough called "New Norwegian"
They are both very similar, but vary in pronounciation, almost like talking like in the middleages.. aaaaanyway..

The annoying thing about this is that you don`t NEED to know this New Norwegian.. it`s only there because a small minority of Norway uses it in everyday speak and writing.. The rest of us still understand what they mean when they talk/write to us..
But if you on the other hand haven`t learned this in school, you cant complete any other education.. You HAVE to learn this to be able to get any other real education, and the chances of you having to use this language are as close to nothing as possible..

So why the hell do they spend hours and hours, and propably millions on trying to learn us this? Why don`t they make it a volunteer subject... for those specially interested? And maybe learn people a different language.. like French, Spanish, or any other fun language?

Now thats a good question! :)

Next subject I`m annoyed with is the gasoline prices, car taxes, and terrible roads we have here..

We are one of the richest countries in the world, we produce oil as if it were water, we have billions of kroner in a special Oil Fund, in case we ever run out of Oil, which is supposedly the people of Norway`s money... and still we have incredible gas prices, where the state takes 60-70% of the total price in taxes.. the rest is what the gas stations earn.. It`s ridiculus!

Car taxes is a different thing.. In no other country do you find cars as expensive as here.. People are actually dying as we speak because of politicians refusing to lower the taxes.. Young families with a low income can`t afford a safe, new car wich could propably save their lives in case of a crash.. So they have to buy an older, unsafe and in most cases, out of shape car.. And I find it incredible that the government is so greedy that they will not lower ANY tax they have.. On the contrary.. They want MORE!

Every year, each car owner pays a "Road Fee" which is about 2500,- kr (increasing every year) money who is supposedly meant for building and maintaining roads, highways and such.. But this money is not used solely for this.. it is also spent on health, politics, city planning and other stuff.. And the roads.. well.. they are either neglected, ignored or have to be paid for by the cities who have to use it.. And that means toll booths.. and MORE money we have to use who are driving..
It seems Norway is trying to make it so expensive to drive that we rather have to walk or take the bus.. Which is kinda ironic in a country with great distances to EVERYTHING!

Yeah.. and the roads here suck bigtime.. More and more people die every year, because nothing is ever modernized.. where we would need 2-3 lanes on each side of the road, there are only 1.. And the roads are in some areas almost like death traps.. You never know what will happen around the next turn.. And believe me.. I experienced this first hand! So why not modernize them? We have the money.. We have the manpower.. But noooo.. It will not happen.. Norway is frozen in time, and it`s not willing to follow it`s people into the future..

And since I`m ranting here.. why not mention alcohol politics..
If you ever visit Norway as a tourist.. BRING YOUR OWN BOOZE! But remember.. as opposed to Denmark, who can visit Germany with a truck, fill it up with cheap beer and then drive back to Denmark again with this.. It`s not legal to bring with you more than 1L of "hard" alcohol.. (above 22%) and 2L below.. (about 1 sixpack) So if you see cheap beer on the taxfree.. remember our brutal laws.. :(
The prices in Norway are hilarious.. For a glass of beer 0,4 you pay an average of 55kr.. (about 8-9 bucks)And ofcourse.. most of this price is going straight into the pocket of "The Man"

Enough ranting.. The thing I really wanted to tell you was this:

I just got an offering on my apartment.. I bought it 2 years ago, for 750 000 kr and have been refurbishing it, installing a new kitchen, fixing the bedrooms and living rooms.. But it still needs quite a bit of work..
But right now, its crazy in the propertymarket.. People are paying through the nose to get a nice flat.. So i thought about selling before the bubble bursts, and people see that it`s gonna go downhill from here..

I got an offer : 1.140 000 which gives me a good 390 000,- kr in profit.. just for a little work and living there 2 years.. It`s brilliant! And it fits my plans of leaving for Spain perfectly.. I now have some spending money!:) I will travel, see the world, and learn Spanish.. And if I like it there, I will get myself a job, and maybe settle down for good.. Because even though Spain is a "poorer" country, it wants to keep up to date with its people.. It gives something back to the people..

At least that is what I hope.. :)

And since I`m an eternal optimist.. that is what it WILL be!

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