Thứ Tư, 13 tháng 12, 2006

The Perfect Partner?

I recently had a nice chat with a friend of mine online, she recently got single, and suddenly it appeared to both of us that it`s friggin impossible to find THE ONE, The Perfect, The BEST boyfriend/girlfriend..
There are just to many things that we demanded...
Are we just being to picky, or do we actually have some good points?

You decide!

The Perfect Partner Should:

* Be able to pay it`s own bills
* Fall into our laps!
* Time your fights.. It`s not always the best time to start fights, talk about relationship problems, or in any way, just bitch about things just before something important is about to happen.. like Christmas, Exams, big parties, or while on vacation/travelling.. There`s a time and a place for everything, just enjoy the moment!
* Be honest!
* Take care of your partner.. It`s the little things that count!
* Give us presents.. Often! We`d much more like a lot of small presents all the time, instead of bigger presents not so often!
* Take us places! Use your imagination! It does`nt have to be the other side of the world.. It could just be a piknic on the park lawn!
* Understand that even though you`re a couple, you can still have your own ideas, thoughts, and meanings!
* Understand that people can be different, and are interested in other stuff than you.. Encourage them to keep up with what they like instead of looking down on what they think is interesting! People ARE different!
* Have some self irony!
* Have a great humor! You can never go wrong with Irony! :)
* Tell us if something is wrong, and tell us when it is`nt as well! If you`re having a good time with the person you care about.. Tell them!
* Take care of your looks, even though you found your partner.. They still like to see you looking great!
* Don`t be jealoux! If you love us, TRUST us! Take a chance that maybe we are`nt as bad as your exes..
* Tell us you care for us as often as possible.. Why would anyone go tired of people telling them how much someone cares for them?
* Cuddle... Alot! As much as possible, but don`t rape us while everybody`s looking..
Discrete is also a good thing.. There`s a time and a place for everything.. :P
* Love us! Unconditionally!

If you have any more things I should put on my list, or if you`re not happy with the stuff here... Please tell me!
Always nice to hear other peoples meanings!

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