Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 11, 2006

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I have recently been very busy, selling my apartment and all, but now I`m in a new flat, with a garage, so i can finally get to work on my project!

I have a Opel (vauxhall) Corsa 1994 1.4glsi which I have big plans for.. I have to put my money in something, and why not make a beautiful car? :)

As you can see it`s in Ok shape, but the engine will have to be changed, because I drove with it about 700Km without any oil.. :( So, bye, bye engine! ;(
I just started taking it apart, and it`s a lot of work!

So far I`ve removed headlights, rear lights, rear seats, rear spoiler, front spoiler, glove box, and will be continuing with this until it is ribbed of most of the original parts..

My plan is to get this ugly duckling to look something like this..
These are just some photoshopped images, so don`t be a hater.. :p

And here is the bodykit I want on it.. It will be different, because I have a 5 door, not a 3 door as on the picture.. Am hoping to also add Lambo doors in front, and suicide doors in the back.. Could be a crazy combo!

As you probably guessed, I`m going for a white paintjob, with a black stripe going from the hood, on the roof, beams and rear door.

Give me comments, if you have any great ideas, or maybe would like to sponsor me! :)
My mail is available, if you ask for it! :)

Look on for more updated pictures!
Contact me if you have questions or comments!

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