Thứ Sáu, 11 tháng 5, 2007

Cleanliness at Sørlandet Sykehus, Kristiansand?!

I was at my city`s hospital today, to take some blood samples..
When I had some time to spare, I went to the internet "cafè" our hospital supplies for the patients, and I was Horrified!

The Keyboard was full of filth, leftovers, hair, fat, and propably a whole lot of germs as well.
The Mouse was the same! Really filthy. And just recently the hospital has had a lot of critic because they had unsanitary conditions, making people who were`nt sick, sicker.

Why don`t they think about the one place the patients share? Sick people, using a computer, sharing it with other sick people, and then they are`nt even going to clean the filth up?

It`s incredible!

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