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Camel, Kajaliyo, dressed for a wedding at India's Pushkar Fair


Jhool with jingling anklets
On the mela at the Pushkar Fair, I sat for nearly an hour on a three legged leather stool at the feet of a majestic camel called affectionately by his owner “My Loving Camel Kajaliyo”. Watched by curious passers-by, I was tutored by Ashok Shivani (Kajaliyo's owner) on the intricacies of camel accoutrements.

 A specialist in desert culture, Ashok is also the proprietor of 'Collector's Paradise' in the holy city of Pushkar where he does a brisk trade in items of museum quality. From his tented shelter on the desert sand, he sells turbans, camel quilts, bridles, camel girths, old bells, antique bridal veils, dowry bags and marriage shawls.

Camel bells hang below stomach
As we talked, Kajaliyo, decked out in wedding finery, snorted and shuffled beside us. With his gorbandh – a necklace of pearls, beads and shells – a camel belt woven from goats hair, numerous bells and tassels dangling from his neck, jingling anklets on his front legs, tail ornaments and embroidered saddle cloth, he would have been a handsome gift for a desert king.

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Posted by Anne Gordon on Thursday, 16th December, 2010.

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