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A Decade of Innovation to Help Giving as a Gift

"Giving Certificates" a great way to give
The original and ultimate way to "Give the Gift of Giving," offered by a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, has been adding heart to people's holidays for a decade. Slip “Giving Certificates” in holiday cards, stockings, and books for a gift that can help any nonprofit chosen by the recipient.

From anywhere in the world (you don't need to go to a store), you can order online, at, the original way of giving someone else the joy of giving-- the powerful gift of donating to a great cause. Giving Certificates are actual Charity Checks, good for the full amount (no fees deducted like on some cards) and ready to be deposited by any of more than 1.5 million charities.

The recipient chooses the charity, fills in the payee line, and gives directly – no need to use a computer to make the money count, and you know the full funds are going directly to the causes you choose. You, the giver, are eligible for any tax deduction. No plastic card to lose or to hurt the environment.

It's the nonprofit Charity Checks' ten-year anniversary of making the joy of giving a public choice. In the pilot program of 2000, Scott Cook, founder of INTUIT, told the San Jose Mercury, "The checks fit the founder of's Jeff Bezos’ rule of success: An invention that allows people to do something they couldn't before."

Charity Checks, a trailblazer
Charity Checks was the trailblazing first to let anyone "Give the Gift of Giving” to any 501(c)3 charity or cause, the first to make the service available on the internet, and the icebreaking vehicle that cleared the path for other organizations that now offer similar kinds of philanthropy.

Charity Checks is still the only way the gift recipient can give the full money directly to the charity, instead of going through a middle party, and Charity Checks is a nonprofit and doesn't charge a transaction fee (unlike some profit-making web sites and card companies that have recently opened for business).

Charity Checks offers Charitable Literacy programs in schools
From its beginnings, innovative Charity Checks has also offered Charitable Literacy programs in schools where kids can learn to be thoughtful givers.

Charity Checks’ “Pre-paid Philanthropy” also led the way for anyone to be able to make a tax-deductible donation in one year and to choose the cause in another (a bit like donor-advised funds, except you don’t need thousands of dollars).

Charity Checks also creatively forged a way to give anonymously but still get a tax receipt, an easy way to avoid being on mailing lists and receiving future solicitations that use up resources and fill your mailbox.

Charity Checks great as pre-paid gifts
A drawer full of Charity Checks lets you be ready for any occasion as pre-paid gifts and thank yous, and a great way to make your own donations when you feel like it – just slip the Charity Check in the envelope. It’s already paid for and waiting to do good.

There were no such gift or donation devices when Charity Checks started at the turn of the century. The number of charities in the United States recognized by the IRS has more than doubled (now exceeding 1.5 million) in that time, providing even more ways for recipients to let their gifts help animals, people, and the planet.

With so many problems, needs, and troubles this Holiday season, Charity Checks can provide the Joy of Giving gifts that let others give donations for solutions.

The volunteer-run website contains images and testimonials from Companies and families:



Quotes from the husband-and-wife founders:
“Instead of your holiday gift becoming landfill someday, you can let your gift today help save a person’s life, rescue an animal, restore a forest or save a library. The recipient has the power of choosing and the joy of giving. And you can take the time you saved not shopping to be with loved ones.”

“It’s been wonderful to see families develop new traditions for the holidays, based on helping others, and it’s great to get thank yous from companies and people who are so glad this gift option exists.”

Founders are available to answer questions: 800-854-5601


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