Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 8, 2007

Dean is coming!!!

A wonderful day in Guanajuato, starting with us getting up really early, throwing ourselves in the shower!

We went to the University of Guanajuato to register with Escuela de Idiomas (NOT Idiotas! :p )
That was a long process... We were told they opened at 08:00, but since we`re beginning to understand the Mexican way, we arrived at 09:00, and had perfect timing because when we got there they were unlocking the door to the office! :) Nobody is in a hurry in Mexico! Wonderful if you're not in a hurry, but terrible if you are!

We had to take a little test so they could place us in the correct Spanish levels, and even though it looks like I'm trying to look at Heidi`s test, I didn't!

Me and Merethe are starting the at level 1, while Heidi who is a Spanish speaking goddess, is starting level 5.. :p
But we`ll kick her ass in Spanish later! (hopefully)

After the test, we had to go to a different office, and fill out some paperwork.. Then go to a copy place to have our passports copied, then take some passport photos for our student Id, and after that.. Go to the bank, pay our Spanish course, and take everything back to the University..
took us around 3,5 hours :p
As I said before.. nobody is in a hurry in Mexico!

It was a nice day, and after some relaxing in our flat me and Merethe went out to look around!

Guanajuato is such a gem! It`s really beautiful everywhere!
We went shopping and bought a blanket and some cleaning products for when our toilet is fixed..
Now we are using the bathroom next to Heidi`s flat until ours is done..

oh! And since everybody is asking us about Hurricane Dean, here is what I know..
We are 2000m above sealevel and just about in the middle of the country, and according to the locals here they never have any real problems with hurricanes.. :) They did get some grape sized hail here a week before we arrived..

Oh well.. Now it`s off to have some food! :D

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