Chủ Nhật, 19 tháng 8, 2007

Finally in Guanajuato, Mexico!

It all started Wednesday, 15. August, early in the morning, we got up, drove to Kristiansand airport, Kjevik and took off for Oslo!
After about an hour we were there,tired and grumpy and of course, Johnny, who we were going to stay with had forgot where to pick us up, so we had to wait about an hour more at Gardermoen, so he could pick us up and drive us to his place! :)

Suddenly "problems" started.. While i was online checking my mail, the guy from our travel agency pm`d me on my msn.. "Looking forward to your trip?"
Then he told me that there had been some complications with our tickets, and if we wanted to travel on Sunday, they would give us Business Class all the way down.. The plane we originally had booked had been "overbooked" and we were suddenly missing one of our seats..
So I told him he HAD to fix that extra seat for us, because we were starting School on monday, and NO way could we travel there on Sunday! FRIDAY WAS OUR BOOKED DEPARTURE!! *grrrr*
This of course, ruined our day, and we were pretty angry with them. They told us they would do everything they could to get the extra seat we needed, but for now, we only had one seat on Friday.. So we had to wait for someone to cancel their seats, so we could get it..

Thankfully, Preben, a friend of mine came to visit, and took us out on a sightseeing of Oslo, so we could think of something else than that stupid travel agency..
Took some nice Tourist pictures, but there was a lot of fog, so not the BEST piccys! :D

After sightseeing, we were treated with some real Oslo-food at Maliks and then went to visit Preben`s cool flat.

It was a long day, so when we went to bed, we crossed our fingers and hoped everything would be alright Thursday..
Johnny woke us up early and we drove him to the airport, he was leaving for Prague, and probably lost his cellphone (again)
Then we got the message we were hoping for!
Everything was ok for Friday morning! He had booked us World Traveler seats instead of normal Economy! We were happy!
They finally had some Sense! (!!)

The rest of the day we were in a good mood! :D We met up with Jessica and her fiancé Ronny and their cute daughter Michelle!
TGI - Friday at Aker Brygge was a nice place to eat!
And Tony (Jessica`s brother) met us there too.

Then came the big day! Preben was kind enough to pick us up at 05.30 in the morning and drove us to the airport!
Then off to Heathrow, London, where we waited for 4 hours.. Heathrow looked like a big supermarket, I think it needs a real upgrade.. We were at a really sucky "restaurant" there, called Garfunkels DON`T GO THERE!

After more waiting, we got on our plane and were like two little kids who just got their favorite present for Christmas!
We had big recliner seats, and tv`s with a big movie library, games, gps and lots more.. !! Weee!!!
The trip was over in 11 hours and we actually didn't get too bored!
We took pictures of the gps as we got closer and closer to Mexico City, and were thrilled!

We arrived in Mexico City, and had to wait almost an hour for our luggage to arrive.. I think this actually set the bar for Mexico as I knew it.. they were throwing on 2-3 bags each time the trucks came, and ours were of course some of the last ones.. *grrr*

We were in a hurry to get to our connecting flight.. and I mean HURRY!! We had to run from one end of the airport to the other, and were totally exhausted when we got there.. Luckily we got on the plane, and met Heidi there too.. (We did`nt see her at the terminal, and thought she hadn't arrived yet.. she was going to show us where we were gonna stay the next few months)
One more hour on the plane, and we had now been travelling for about 24hours straight..

And were tired, exhausted, grumpy and ready for bed.. Didn't notice much around town until the next day.. :D

The next morning we woke up and it was just perfect weather for out looking around town and shopping..

One thing we weren't that prepared for was the height.. We are currently 2000 m above sealevel, and just to carry some bags from one end of the room to the other ends in us having a 5 minute breather.. It`s exhausting to do even the smallest thing.. Hopefully it's only in the beginning, after a week we'll be acclimated :D
Our apartment looked a little saggy when we first took a good glance at it, but after some washing, redecorating, and goodwill we made it livable!

Now we wait until school starts on Monday, then the real spanish learning begins! :)

As you can see on my last post, my timer now has started counting the time we have been away from Norway..
Don`t think we`ll miss it that much the first couple of months.. :)

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