Thứ Ba, 28 tháng 8, 2007

The day of the mummies!

It's been a couple of days since i last wrote something about our time in Guanajuato, so here's my update!

We are finally in class at Escuela de Idiomas, and I'm having a great time learning Spanish. I can now count to one million, know a lot of new Spanish words, and am beginning to see connections when I listen to people, so I can actually understand a lot more than before we came here.
My Spanish class!

Merethe studying hard! :p

Me hardly awake! 08:00 every morning is EARLY!

Merethe is hanging on, but having a hard time understanding it all because the tutoring is mainly in Spanish. But She'll get there! Luckily Heidi is next door if the going gets too tough and we don't have a clue! :)

Other than that we have been shopping a lot lately.. Mostly for stuff we need in our apartment, some movies, candy, sunglasses, water, water and more water (even though Merethe hardly drinks any of it! She's picky!

I bought a new keyboard, as I can't get my bluetooth one to work here.. (I hope it's not broken! )
We had to buy a couple of blankets, one for the bed and one for our bathroom! We finally have hot water! I had to go buy a huuuge gas container just for our waterheater.. Did'nt know it was as easy as just a flame that is constantly on under the watertank.. But it works! One container is enough for 5-6 months of hot water and it's cheap! 300 Peso (about 150 Nkr)

If you're not happy with my picture update, I have alot more pictures on my facebook page, contact me if you can't find me or the pics! :)
Our landlord, "Uncle Freddy" is often by to check that we have everything that we need, and also to make Palomitas (Popcorn) which he sells to all the silly tourists :) We usually get some for free! (Lucky us!)

We are getting two new neighbours as well, one of them is Kike, a friend of Heidi's and the other is some guy I havent met yet who is going to use his "room" as an office.. Probably wont be seeing too much of him though..
Do not bring guns or knives to the shopping mall?!?
So far we have been shopping mostly in Guanajuato, but had to have a trip to Leon, where the real shopping is supposed to be done!
Leon is the town of the Zapaterias (shoestores)! When we arrived at the bus station after a long trip with a local singer and his untuned guitar, all I could see were one Zapateria after another, stacked! Ofcourse I did'nt get any good pictures of this, since I am a forgetful chap! :p I did get some of outside Walmart though! (WOOOW!)

The trip back was more pleasant, as we had to pay 36 peso (instead of the usual 30) and got the 1. class bus! Before we got on the bus we were given a bag with a free beverage of choice, and a packet of cookies! On the bus the aircondition was working great and the movie was excellent (even though it was in Spanish)

Oh! And today! We have been walking to the Museo de las Momias de Guanajuato, the Mummy museum! It's a long walk and up a steep hill, so we were exhausted when we got there. (Our stamina has been improving more and more since the first days, where we hardly could do anything without stopping for a quick breather..)

Anyways, the mummy museum is freaky..
Apparently the local people had/have to pay a small fee every year to keep their deceased in their final resting place, and if they can't do this the bodies are dug up, and taken to the museum where they are put on display for all to see.

We weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but it was really weird seeing all those people so well preserved (there is something about the earth and climate here that naturally mummifies the bodies, so they don't rot )

We saw everything from small children to adults, and even one corpse of a woman who supposedly had been buried alive in the 1900's! Her body looked really terrified!
I took some pictures of postcards so I have something to show you guys out there.. The museum also has the smallest mummy in existence, a very tiny one of a 5-6 month child! Disturbing to watch, but still very enchanting..

We also took a lot of pictures nearby the museum, and as you can see, the view is quite brilliant!
I recommend taking the trip just for the view if the museum sounds too freaky!
On the long walk home I found out I was going to be a real tourist, so I now have pictures of almost everything on our way back :)

Oh! I seem to have lost some weight as well since my operation! I weighed 89 kg last July, when my stomach started acting up, and now i am down to 64!! My beer belly is totally gone, and I have a flat stomach! *shocked*

Not exactly Mr. Muscle.. :P
Merethe is telling me to eat some fat food so I can get bigger again, but all I need to do now is start training! (if i can get my ass in gear! :p) Heidi keeps telling me to come train! And maybe one of these days I will! hehe.. Get some muscles instead of fat.. that should be good? :p

Great view!Something else I have noticed is that Guanajuatans have their own kind of hand brake! I'll collect some more pictures of this weird phenomenon, but here are three of them!

If you want to use any of the pictures here comercially, my permission has to be given!

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