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Rainy days in Guanajuato!

The last couple of days have been kind of slow. We are experiencing what the «hurricane» season has to offer of clouds and rain.. Hurricane Dean has passed and disappeared, but now two others are on their way to Mexico, and these guys are spreading their «love» in the form of clouds covering our beloved sun, and sudden downpours of rain.. They tend to be over in 15 – 20 minutes and it's dry again after an hour, so it's not the biggest of problems.. We are too high up in the mountains (2000m) to be affected by the stormy winds :D I don't believe global warming is the cause, but the 50 year cycle!(prove me wrong, environmentalists!

But OUR problem is that our nice roof, which we enjoy a great view from, and also spend hours tanning our white bodies on.. IS LEAKING!

We get water dripping down the roof when the heavy rain sets in, for now only by the front door, and next to our bathroom «door».. We are surviving for now, but have notified our school that we would like to see what other options there are for us.. You never know, maybe we can get something just as nice without leaking roofs?

Our beloved popcorn popping landlord, Uncle Freddy has tried patching the roof with a large commercial canvas, but this has only delayed the water some.. Lets see if he can fix it sooner or later.. (preferably sooner!) I'll take some pictures of this tomorrow, but now it's.. You guessed it.. RAINING!

While it normally doesn't rain that much here, even the locals are saying how much more rain there has been. We have had temperatures of about 15-18 celsius and have had to wear sweaters! (!!!) Not that happy about this, but hey! We are still in Mexico, while most of you guys reading this.. are NOT! Haha!

But you probably don't have the same problems we do here either..

I am beginning to eat better as my stomach is supposedly getting bigger (according to Heidi, the nutrition expert) and feeling more energetic. Woohoow! I bet you are dancing with joy right now! I am, anyways! :p

Other than that, Merethe misses a real kitchen, as we are mostly preparing our food in the microwave (I use it primarily for heating up water for my cups of noodles) But it's so cheap eating out (at restaurants, you perv!) that we do that pretty often..
A full meal with dinner and drinks usually doesn't cost more than 50-60 NOK (10 US$, or 120 Mexican Peso) And this could probably be even cheaper, if we weren't so in love with Cafe Santo..A really nice cafe! But with weird art on their walls.. :)

Just as this buttershrimp, or Shrimperfly.. :p Got any better suggestions on names?

The Spanish course is going pretty neat for me, I feel I am learning more and more Spanish, and will soon be talking like a local.. (uhm.. at least better than a tourist)

I have one hour in class a day which Merethe is not in, and here we are learning these really funny tongue twisters, so we can learn better to pronounce the different Spanish words.. Here are some of them.. We learn a new one pretty often, so I'll try to post them all here.. :)

Try saying them out loud.. Then try it again faster.. and faster..



Erre con erre cigarro
Erre con erre barril
Ràpido corren los carros
Cargados de azucar del ferrocarril

Tres Tristes Tigres
Tragaban trigo en un trigal
En un trigal tragaban trigo
Tres Tristes Tigres

3. (this one I thought was harder than the others..)
El que poco coco come
poco coco compra: El que poca
capa se tapa, poca capa se compra.
Como yo poco coco como, poco
coco compro, y como poca capa metapo
poca capa me compro.

Pedro Perèz pide permiso
para partir a Paris
Para ponerse peluca postiza
porque parece puerco pelado!

We also had to do a presentation of our hometowns, and this is what I managed to say about Kristiansand, Norway in Spanish!

Una presentacion de Kristiansand

Voy a hablar sobre mi ciudad, Kristiansand

Kristiansand es la capital del condado de Vest Agder, Noruega.
Por su poblacion es el sexto mayor ciudad de Noruega.
Mi ciudad esta en el sur del paìs.
La ciudad tenia una poblacion habitantes de setenta y seis mil novecientos (76 900)
Kristiansand fue fundado del rey Christian Cuarto, quien en mil seisentas cuarento y uno (1641) dijo «Aqui se erigera la ciudad!»
El Centro de Kristiansand se llama «Kvadraturen» debido la forma cuadrada de sus calles
Tienes muchos lugares interesantes, hay un festival de music famoso, el quart festival
Es una ciudad muy bonita con muchas turistas en el verano

Eso es todo!

Muchas gracias por su atencion!

Good eh?
So this is what we are learning in class..

I'll probably post some more notes on this subject later so keep on checking my blog! Maybe I can teach you people out there something as well? :)

This is it for my update for now, hope you enjoyed it!
Feel free to comment on the blog! I love feedback!

Hasta Luego!


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