Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 9, 2007

The Mexican Independence day!

Saturday we celebrated the Mexican independence day!
This was done by partying like maniacs, making lots of noise and painting the Mexican colours on our faces! Woohoow!

Here the garbagetruck arriving in all its glory! :)
At Cuba Mia
We met these happy and probably drunk Mexicans on our way to Che Bar, where there was a concert and lots and lots of people!
Me and Heidi making a ruckus with our horns!
The horny bunch!
Heidi with one of her Mexican boys! He was preeeeetty drunk!
Here we are at Cuba Mia! Met some more of Heidi`s fitness friends.. VIVA MEXICO!
Lots of people in the streets!

Merethe and her balloons!
Heidi and her Corona :D
Heidi and Merethe

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