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Trip to El Pipila

We took a trip to one of Guanajuato`s famous tourist sites, the El Pipila statue which overlooks Guanajuato.
El Pipila is a known independence fighter in Mexico, and was known for teaching the Mexicans who were under siege by the Spaniards crafts, reading, writing and fighting for whats important!
When there was an uprising against the Spaniards, The Spaniards took shelter in Alhòndiga, a fortress, while waiting for more troops. The only way for the Mexicans to enter the fortress was by burning one of the two doors there, but this was very dangerous. Bullets and arrows killed a lot of men trying to do this. When the rebels were asked if someone would try this again, nobody said yes, until Pipila stood up among the people, and used a stone plate on his back as armour.
He succeeded and was able to burn the doors down.
The monument shows Pipila with a torch and at the base of the statue the words "...there are still other Alhóndigas left to burn" are written.

There are three ways to get to the top, walking, driving a huge detour and using the funicular, a cablecart.
We chose to walk, to Merethe`s regret.. It was a 10-15 minute walk, but up steep and narrow alleys!

Here she is walking up the alleys that lead to the top!
The view halfway to the top
Merethe taking a breather on the way
Still walking! :)
Finally she`s there! She has to work on her stamina I think! hehe.. Totally exhausted!

El Pipila in its splendour!

The view from the top is incredible! You can see all of Guanajuato and probably some more than that too! Lots of pictures of the view underneath here!

On the top there are tons of natives selling homemade bracelets, jewelry, nicknacks and other stuff you probably don`t need!

Enjoying the view! :)

The square trees is the main tourist area in Guanajuato. It`s in front of a beautiful church, and there are restaurants with expensive tourist prices all around the trees.
In the evening there are usually hundred of people just enjoying themselves, listening to the Mariachis, or dancing here. Very nice!

The Back of El Pipila

A pigeon enjoying the view

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