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Whats up in Guanajuato?

A lot of stuff has happened lately, and as I have been busy and/or lazy no new posts have showed up!
But today is a day full of good energy, so I`ll get some stuff done!
We decided to have a small gathering on our roof with some of the people from class, and so we ended up with a happy gang consisting of Merethe, Daniel, Gene, Gene`s wife Susan, Mike, Mikes wife Margareth, and their 3 kids too.
Daniel, Gene and Mike, with the kids in front playing my computer
A great gang! We took our table up on the roof, got lots of bottles of wine, and were all in a good mood! :)

Since the last independence day, we had another local independence day, celebrating El Pipilas attack on Alhondiga, where the Spaniards took shelter waiting for backup troops so they could turn the Mexicans away.. El Pipila took on the mission of burning down the gates by wearing a large stone plate on his back while the Spanish were shooting at him.. He managed to get to the gates and burn them down so they could win back Mexico!
We had the day off school on the friday the independence day was, so on Thursdag we went partying with some cool Americans, and the taught us to play a cool drinking game called Pantalones.
The red hat = Pinche Sombrero (Damn Sombrero!)

Rules of Pantalones!
In this picture, i forgot to say Pantalones, and Chris got me! DRINK!

The rules are easy, you need a set of dices, a silly hat known as "Pinche Sombrero" and a lot of alcohol to drink! :)
If you get a total sum of 3 on the dice (1+2, 2+1) you have to wear the Pinche Sombrero.
Whenever someone rolles the dice and a 3 appears on one of the two dice, you have to drink! (The 3`s apper OFTEN!)
Whenever someone rolls 1+1 everybody has to drink, this is known as "Social".
2+2, 3+3, 4+4, 5+5 is "Dar" and this means you can give away as many drinks as the the dice say, so if the dice show 3+3 you can give one of your fellow drinkers 3 gulps or give 2 gulps to one, and 1 to the other guy/girl.
3+4 or any other combination that totals to 7 and you have to say "Pantalones" with a real gringo accent and then the last one saying it has to drink.
Any combination giving the total sum of 11 and the first person saying "Naaaantucket" (again with a gringo accent) and the two people sitting next to him has to drink.

Oh.. And you have to speak Spanish the whole time while you play it, even though everybody are English speaking. The one who forgets has to... You guessed it! DRINK!

It`s a great game and it got us hammered pretty quickly!
Me filtering the rest of the wine through a napkin after Merethe had a litt "whoopsie" :p

And as Chris had to leave for the bus for Puerto Vallarta (10 hours on the bus and he`s at the beach) we went home ready to party some more!
We made a lot of noise so the other people living here noticed we were in a partymood! Then got them to join us at our place!
Kike, our Mexican neighbor had his girlfriend from Usa over for a visit, and she joined us too!
The happy gang: Merethe, Michelle, Heid and Chris A.
Mark getting it on with some Tequila!

Oh.. And the Independence day the next morning..We were almost to late, it started at 09:00 in the next morning and were awake at 12:30.. We got up and out to have a look at the parade (there`s always a parade in Guanajuato, but this one was HUGE!)
What we saw kind of scared me.. A huge display of the Mexican army and their weapons, and I thought the independence day was a day for the people, by the people.. There was a lot of military show off`s and at the end the Caballeros came on their horses. (not that way, you PERV!)
Mike, Mark and Merethe (the three M`s!)
Mike and his family in the crowd!

More pictures on my facebook page!

Here are some random funny images we took in Guanajuato.

Mexican Handsfree!

Merethe bought her hat here.. The brown one on the bottom!
Just a random guy walking around with a Iguana on his shoulder.. perfectly normal in Guanajuato!
Buy a refrigerator and get 18 sixpacks of beer included! WTF? Why don`t they have these kind of offers in Norway? I would buy a new fridge every month! :p

That`s all for now.. Please feel free to comment, you guys suck at commenting!

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