Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 10, 2007

A Mariachi visiting class!

We got a visit from one of our former classmates, Gene, and he had brought with him a friend.
A real life mariachi and showman!

It is our theory that this guy only knows three or four different grips on his guitar, as all the songs he sang were backed up by the same grips and same rhythm of the guitar! If you look closely you can see how the guitar is worn out on the top, probably because of him not playing other than these few notes! :p
Funny guy! A real Pavarotti.. (eeh)

He showed us these old pictures from back in the day when he was playing in a band

Quite handsome, eh?
Here you can see him together with one of our teachers, Luz
Mr Lova lovah! :p
(Merethe thinks he looks like the cricket in the Disney cartoons, Jiminy Cricket!)

Gene showing us how to play the airguitar!

As you can guess, a fantastic experience! :P

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