Thứ Sáu, 19 tháng 10, 2007

Traffic accident outside our school

We were in class, when we suddenly heard a lot of tyrescreeching, an engine trying as hard as it could to push forward and then a loud bang!
There is a steep road going just outside our classroom, and a truck transporting water was trying to get up to the top, but it seems it was overloaded and that the engine was not strong enough to carry it up (or maybe the tires where too worn out, this is Mexico after all)
It went backwards, and luckily for him, no cars were behind it.. Only a big concrete pole and a circuit box..
The concrete pole was supporting the stairs on the pic, and was broken, same with the circuit box..
A few minutes later the police arrived to check out what was up.. Same with a tow truck.. :P
The driver looked really frustrated, hope he was insured! :)

Police arriving at the scene of the accident.
Curious people from our class, from the left, Pino, Melany and Pati

Bystanders are helping to unload the water from one truck into a smaller one

Police writing a report, or maybe a fine?
Truck moved, and the police are checking out the damage

Broken concrete pillar + circuit box

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