Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 10, 2007


We've had a couple of parties lately, and I thought I should just put them all under the same post here.. As I have been really lazy lately and no updated the blog regularly, I this is my 6. post just for the day, so bare with me a little! :D

At Barfly with Mark and Chris

Mark and my namebrother, Daniel, they met randomly in Guanajuato, both are from the same town in Germany, Giessen.. The world is a small place!

Don't even ask!

Trying out Marks new hat! Jah Man! Rastah man!
Surprise picture of Mike trying to have some peace and quiet at a restaurant
Party in our old flat
Group photo! Weee!

Heidi smiling! (you should see her angry!)

This old lady was walking around selling chewing gum in BarFly when she decided it would be a good idea to take a litt nap right next to me :)
The partypeople in action!
Getting psyched up about going to Jamaica next year! :D

Norwegian flag at BarFly!

Our new friend from Norway, Hallgeir from Bergen, also known as Hal, or Pirato
Old lady still sleeping

Hal and his funky friend! He actually tagged on the wall on BarFly while we were there! Funny dude!

Me with a glowstick through my tongue! I am totally crazy!
Pino enjoying a Indio and a fag together with Mike

All lined up and ready to Pose!
Mikes birthdaycake!
Mark looks scared!
Party up in here!
Kike and Michelle getting jiggy with it!

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