Chủ Nhật, 21 tháng 10, 2007

We found a scorpion in the bathroom!

Our neighbours girlfriend, Michelle came into our apartment and was slightly upset as she was going to have a shower and saw something "insecty, and maybe scorpion looking" in her bathroom. I was having a couple of friends over, and we ran to the bathroom to have a look. Nothing gets guys going more than to be able to face something dangerous! :D Cool stuff!

I managed to catch it in a plastic cup after chasing it around a little while.. For those of you out there that aren't familiar with scorpions, they are FAST!

One of my buddies managed to film it and as you can see in the video, chaos was going on! :p

Looks creepy, right?
I released it after a couple of days, it was really pissed at me for catching in, and tried stinging plenty of times..

This specific scorpion was not dangerous, as our teacher at school told us, it was about as dangerous as a bee sting, but as I am no scorpion expert, I will see any scorpion as dangerous until proven otherwise! :)

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