Thứ Sáu, 5 tháng 10, 2007

Cervantino 2007 Baaba Maal concert!

Every year Guanajuato hosts the Cervantino festival, which lasts from 3.Oct until 21.Oct
Since we were lucky enough to be here before it started we decided to go to at least one of the concerts. And as many on our school recommended Baaba Maal we decided that was one of them!
Baaba Maal is a uniquely talented singer from Senegal.
He's equally at home with an acoustic guitar playing traditional folk music or playing the hottest international dance music. He's finally emerging into the international spotlight as one of the world's hottest performers. (From
He plays reggea, soul, funk, pop and lots of other different styles, and is a great artist!


Check out the video of his Talking Drum!

Heidi, Chris A. and a german girl that Mark knew watching the show-

At the end of the show they got up a lot of people on stage and everybody was dancing to the great rythms!

Here you see Chris on stage!
Here our friend from school, Chris is rocking it on stage with Baaba Maal standing right in front of him!

After the concert we went home to party with a whole group from school!
We played pantalones together and got pretty drunk!
Pantalones is the perfect drinking game! :D

Maybe more concerts will be showing up here if we find something exciting to see! :)

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